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ACT Will Offer Free Score Reports to Low-Income Students Starting in September 2018

New policy reinforces ACT’s commitment to expanding access and opportunities for underserved students

IOWA CITY, Iowa—Starting in September 2018, students from low-income families who take the ACT with fee waivers will be allowed to send ACT score reports for free to colleges and/or scholarship agencies at any time during their college search process.

Currently, students may elect to send their scores to up to four colleges or scholarship agencies for free during the registration process and up to five days after they take the test. After that point, the fee for each additional score report they send is $13.

ACT’s new policy will waive that fee for students who register for the test with a fee waiver. The free score reports—up to 20 for each test students take with a fee waiver—will never expire, so students may use them whenever they wish.
“ACT is committed to helping all students succeed in their educational journey,” said ACT Chief Commercial Officer Suzana Delanghe. “Students from low-income families face a series of unique challenges and barriers that can reduce their access to higher education, and sending ACT scores to the colleges they aspire to attend should not be one of them.”
Last school year, ACT provided fee waivers to more than 650,000 students from lower-income families.

To be eligible for a fee waiver, a student must meet one or more indicators of economic need, such as being enrolled in a free or reduced-price lunch program. Eligible students may receive fee waivers for up to two ACT tests. Students may apply for a fee waiver through their high school counselor.

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