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To know math is to love math. But what if loving math is the first step to knowledge?

Math class is known for many things, but “favorite school subject” would likely not be one of them. And if there is merit in the relations...

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ACT to Launch Pilot Program Providing Free Breakfast before ACT Test

ACT announced today a new initiative to combat food insecurity and improve student ACT test outcomes by launching a pilot program that pro...

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Unmasking the Potential of the U.S. Workforce with Credential Data

In order to “Unmask the Potential” for students, educators, and workers, they must first be informed. Information is power, and once it is...

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Math Readiness Drops to 14-Year Low among US High School Graduates, According to ACT 2018 Report

STEM’s future not adding up well for America IOWA CITY, Iowa—Readiness in math is trending downward among ACT-tested US high school grad...

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Doing Good with the Power of AI and Social Entrepreneurship

“Instead of a shark tank, imagine you’re swimming with dolphins,” said an organizer of NYU’s Algorithms for Change competition in an atte...

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Commonwealth of Virginia and ACT to Launch Breakfast Pilot Program

The following press release was reprinted with permission from Virginia's Office of the Governor. The original release can be found h...

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What’s in a Name? Preparing Students for Global Communities of the Future

ACT’s assessments have always been built from the ground up, based on what educators have determined students need to learn—and on what th...

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