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Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

It's National Apprenticeship Week , the US Department of Labor ’s (US DOL) fifth-annual, nationwide celebration of apprenticeship prog...

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Three Workforce Development Trends from the 2019 ACT Workforce Summit

It might take a village to raise a child, but it certainly takes a whole community to boost an economy. Educators, business and industr...

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Edtech’s Moment is Now

Highlights from ACTNext’s Latest Summit ACTNext recently hosted our third annual Education Technology and Computational Psychometrics ...

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Sixty Years, and Counting, of Serving Students’ Needs

Seventy-five thousand is a lot of people. It’s enough to fill a football stadium or populate a medium-sized city. It’s also the number (...

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Knowing, Deciding and Succeeding: Lessons from the Condition of College and Career Readiness

Knowing can be a double-edged sword. Everyone wants to know when the news is good, but when the news is mixed – some good, some not-so-goo...

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Decline in College Readiness Continues Among US High School Grads, New ACT Report Finds

Some students buck the trend by taking rigorous courses in high school IOWA CITY, Iowa—ACT score data show mixed results in terms of co...

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Students Get More Options on the ACT Test: Four Fast Takeaways

When enough students have opportunities, our society changes for the better. Our new, student-focused options for ACT test-takers begin...

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