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“Alexa, how do I prepare for the ACT test?”

Upcoming skill for Amazon Alexa from ACTNext will offer innovative approach to engage and prep students for the ACT test IOWA CITY, Io...

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College-Bound Students’ Views on Paying for College

The following blog is reprinted with permission from the Education Commission of the States. The blog originally appeared on Ed Note . Thi...

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Celebrating Pride Starts with Supporting Students

Prior to becoming the Principal Strategist for Diversity and Inclusion at ACT, I spent more than two decades as a public school educator w...

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Social and Emotional Learning Isn’t Just for Kids - SEL Begins with Educator Modeling

While watching sailboats race across Baltimore’s inner harbor last month, educators from across the US and abroad spent three days grappli...

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ACT Uncovers 4 Insights to Develop Talent in Your Organization

The following is re-posted with permission from Smart Sparrow. Let’s face it, the word “transformation” is simply “change” rebranded, an...

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Creating Educational Opportunity Requires More than a Dashboard Score

Media coverage of the recent ”Varsity Blues” investigation and prosecution involving celebrities and wealthy parents generated a lot of di...

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Developing a Test is No Walk in the Park

Well, let’s clarify that statement. Developing a reliable, valid, and fair test is no walk in the park. You may not be aware of the a...

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