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ACT Adds Free OpenEd Resources to ACT Question of the Day

IOWA CITY, Iowa—Students who answer the free, online ACT Question of the Day will now be given access to complimentary resources designed to help them improve their academic skills in the covered topic area.

The enhanced ACT Question of the Day, which is accessed through the ACT Profile service, will allow students to improve their skills by watching short instructional videos, taking quizzes to diagnose areas where improvement may be necessary, and completing additional “next step” review options and video suggestions at their convenience.

The resources will be provided through OpenEd, a company that was acquired by ACT in May. OpenEd provides educational resources to teachers across the U.S. These resources include videos, games, assessments, homework assignments, and lesson plans. Now the most relevant and helpful of those resources will be available to students preparing to take the ACT.

ACT will continue to provide students with retired questions from real ACT tests on each ACT Question of the Day.

“This integration allows us to better serve our customers and fulfill the needs of students searching for a trusted, no-cost option for improving their skills as they prepare to take the ACT,” said Rich Patz, CEO of ACT Assessment Technologies. OpenEd is part of the ACT Assessment Technologies group. “ACT acquired OpenEd to intelligently connect our valuable research and assessment expertise to top notch learning and instruction, and this integration is a perfect example of how we can blend resources that will address individual learning needs and help students improve their readiness for the ACT and beyond.”

Students who answer an ACT Question of the Day incorrectly will have the option to improve their skills by clicking on links to instructional videos that appear below the question window. After viewing the videos, students can complete a short assessment to test their understanding of the concept. Based on their answers, they will be offered “next steps” designed to help improve their understanding.

ACT Profile is a free, mobile college and career planning platform that offers personalized information to help individuals as they navigate through life’s key decision points.

OpenEd utilizes standards-aligned open-source resources that pull educational materials from a variety of sources.

“This integration will benefit students by pinpointing problem areas and providing customized instruction on topics they have yet to fully grasp,” said Adam Blum, CEO of OpenEd. “We are so excited to marry our technology solutions and expertise with ACT’s highly valued test prep resources to create a free, personalized learning experience for students.”