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Students in Jordan Given Option to Take ACT Test

IOWA CITY, Iowa—The Ministry of Education in Jordan has given its official approval and recognition of the ACT® test as an acceptable academic measure to be administered and used in the country as an equivalency to the Jordanian Tawjihi exam.

Tawjihi is Jordan’s general secondary national exam. It is a mandatory educational requirement for all students who plan to attend a Jordanian university or expect to work in Jordan’s public or private sector after graduation from university abroad.

This approval of the ACT test as an equivalency to Tawjihi will open more doors for students in Jordan seeking admission to universities both at home and abroad, giving them additional options to find their ideal future educational or vocational path.

“It’s a great honor for the ACT test to be approved and recognized in this way in Jordan,” said ACT Chief Commercial Officer Suzana Delanghe. “This decision speaks to the quality, reliability and validity of the ACT as measure of student academic achievement. We are thrilled that Jordanian students will have more options to pursue their educational and career goals through the ACT.”

ConnecME Education, the ACT exclusive partner for the Middle East and North Africa region, administers all the tests in the region and has been instrumental in bringing the ACT to higher visibility there. ConnecME continues its objective of assisting governments and students in increasing opportunities, and allowing students to find their best pathway to further education and employment.

“We are so proud of this endeavor,” said ConnecME Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Shadid. “Education is about options, expanding horizons and attaining global leadership skills. The ACT will now facilitate more options for a new generation of students. Moreover, it opens the very exciting door of more students returning home with elite skills and qualifications. We are grateful for the support and vision from the Ministry of Education, who continues to express an exceptionally supportive view of students in Jordan. This exhibits the Ministry’s continuing commitment toward the Jordanian education sector and to its never-ending commitment to increase opportunities for students in Jordan.”

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ConnecME is an international educational company that understands the importance of empowerment and global citizenship. With its strong partnerships, it aims to provide tailored educational solutions to meet the unique needs of schools, universities, and government departments. With ACT, ConnecME’s goal is to provide students with opportunities to help them become globally competitive and to attain excellence and recognition in the global domain. They view their role as one of continuous support to the student, in helping them open more doors to opportunities both home and abroad. To know more about ConnecME’s services, please visit their website or email