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PreACT Available to Students in Ankara

ACT announced today that its strategic partner in Turkey, ConnecME Education, and IEFT fairs will offer students in Ankara the unique experience of taking the PreACT® test. For college-bound students, the PreACT simulates the ACT® testing experience and produces scientifically valid predictions of a student’s future performance on the ACT test.

“PreACT results from a student’s score report are extremely useful tools that provide great insight to students, parents and educators, helping them to plan their study program and prepare more effectively for the ACT test, the leading US college admissions test,” said ACT Chief Commercial Officer Suzana Delanghe. “Students may opt to share their information with universities and US scholarship agencies to get an early start on exploring their options for postsecondary education.”

The ACT test is accepted by all US colleges and universities. In addition, universities in Turkey, Qatar, and Jordan accept the scores for foreign students’ admission, and 230 schools abroad use the ACT as an acceptance criterion, including the prestigious Russell Group in the UK.

Two PreACT test sessions are scheduled for Oct. 24 at the Ankara Sheraton Hotel. The first test begins at 13:00 and the second at 16:00, and each test takes approximately 2.5 hours.

“Tenth-grade students planning to study abroad will benefit hugely from taking part in the PreACT,” said ConnecME Education Europe & Middle East Regional Director Aysel Ince. “The test will determine the student’s present knowledge, provide a predicted ACT score (if a student will be taking it within the next 12 months) and a detailed report, outlining the student’s strengths and areas where there is need for further development.”

Registration deadline is Oct. 20

Registration for the test is available online at or can be arranged by sending an email to ConnecME Education at

Test session seating is limited, and the registration deadline is Oct. 20.

About ConnecME

ConnecME is an international educational company that understands the importance of empowerment and global citizenship. With its strong partnerships, it aims to provide tailored educational solutions to meet the unique needs of schools, universities, and government departments. With ACT, ConnecME’s goal is to provide students with opportunities to help them become globally competitive and to attain excellence and recognition in the global domain. They view their role as one of continuous support to the student, in helping them open more doors to opportunities both home and abroad. To know more about ConnecME’s services, please visit their website or email

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