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March Social Media Toolkit

ICYMI: Here are some of our social media highlights from March to easily share with your networks. Together, we can help people achieve education and workplace success.

 Welcome to ACT Academy

  • Click to tweet: Students and parents: @ACT just launched a free, online learning tool and test practice program with materials developed by experts, to help students master their skills. More here:
  • Click to tweet: Check out this great new, free online learning resource from @ACT to help students improve their #ACT scores and succeed in #college and #career: 
  • Share on LinkedIn: ACT Academy is now available! Students can use this free online learning tool and test practice program to help them master the skills they need to improve their ACT scores and succeed in college and career. Details:

 STEM Education in the U.S.: Where We Are and What We Can Do

  • Click to tweet: .@ACT makes several policy recommendations in a new report on #STEM readiness, which seeks to improve STEM readiness in the US. Take a look: 
  • Click to tweet: The number of #STEM occupations in the U.S. will grow by 8.9% between 2014 and 2024. Here are the latest findings on STEM education in the U.S. from @ACT – #ACTInsights
  • Share on LinkedIn: The United States is a STEM-deficient nation. Solutions are needed, now. Here are recommendations of next steps toward improving STEM achievement and expanding opportunities to increase students' readiness to pursue and succeed in STEM-related careers: 

 Women in STEM: You Belong

  • Click to tweet: Our parents tell us to be anything we want to be. But what if we don't "belong?" @AlinaVDav tackles women's doubts about STEM in a new blog for @ACT:
  • Share on LinkedIn: It's all about role models. Alina von Davier of ACTNext tells women "you belong" in a new blog about women in STEM:

 The Future of Assessment: The World Demands Authentic Solutions

How JSU Solved Its ‘Developmental Education’ Dilemma with a Simple Model for Personalized Study

  • Click to tweet: .@ACT collaborated with @JSUNews on a pilot study to determine whether a simple model for personalized study would positively affect incoming students’ preparation for college-level #math. Read about the findings in a new blog:

 Personalized Learning Is On Track at ACT

  • Click to tweet: .@ACT is pursuing new opportunities to fulfill its mission, through #personalized and #adaptivelearning. ACT Principal Adviser-Adaptive Learning, David Kuntz, breaks it all down in a new blog: 
  • Share on LinkedIn: We see adaptive learning as a way to seamlessly integrate measurement into learning so results can be immediately actionable, targeted to each student’s needs and goals. Learn how it works in a new blog by David Kuntz, Principal Adviser-Adaptive Learning:

The Value of Workforce Credentials Continues to Grow

  • Click to tweet: Did you know? #Credentials like the #ACTWorkKeysNCRC can be compared using the @connectcreds framework. More from @SuzanaDelanghe on the growing value of #workforce credentials:
  • Share on LinkedIn: At ACT, we are working with economic development and workforce groups to promote employer awareness about the best solutions to drive efficiencies in finding the right person for the right job. Read more from Suzana Delanghe, our Chief Commercial Officer, on how the value of workforce credentials continues to grow:

 ACT Policy Platforms 

  • Click to tweet: The @ACT #highered policy platform challenges the conventional wisdom about who is a college student, where instruction can take place, and how to make a college education more affordable. Read more here: #ACTPolicyPlatforms 
  • Click to tweet: The @ACT #workforce development policy platform focuses on recommendations that would help more people succeed in the current and future economies. Read more here: #workforcedevelopment #jobs #workskills #ACTPolicyPlatforms 
  • Click to tweet: The @ACT career and technical education policy platform focuses on how #CTE can positively impact an individual's education and workplace success. Read more here: #edpolicy #ACTPolicyPlatforms 
  • Click to tweet: The @ACT #K12 #education policy platform focuses on three broad categories of readiness, rigor, and high-quality assessment. Read more here: #edpolicy #ESSA #readiness #collegereadiness #careerreadiness #workready #ACTPolicyPlatforms 

 ACT Research

  • Click to tweet: Do you know how well your students performed on the #PreACT compared to their peers? Check out the latest @ACT #research report for information that can be used to compare a student’s performance w/ others in the US. #ACTInsights 
  • Click to tweet: .@ACT research compares college outcomes, like 1st-year #GPA, 1st-to-2nd year retention, & being on-track toward earning a degree, between Hispanic #firstgen #college students & Hispanic non-first gen college students. Read more: 

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