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April Social Media Toolkit

ICYMI: Here are some of our social media highlights from April to easily share with your networks. Together, we can help people achieve education and workplace success.

ACT Selects ASU for Partnership to Change the Game in Educational Technology

  • Click to tweet: Excited to hear about the new partnership between @ACT and @ASU to change the game in #edtech by turning their research into products, programs and solutions. Every student deserves the opportunity to receive an outstanding education.
  • Share on LinkedIn: ACT selected Arizona State University (ASU) for a partnership to change the game in educational technology, with plans to establish an institute for research and product development initiatives that will enhance the future of learning for all individuals. Learn more:

Congratulations to the 2018 ACT College and Career Readiness Champions

  • Click to tweet: .@ACT announced their 2018 #ACTChampions today. See if someone you know made the list!
  • Click to tweet: Take a look at this! The 2018 #ACTChampions representing exemplary individuals from #highschool #K12 #postsecondary and the #workforce are making great strides to advance college and career readiness for ALL in their communities: 
  • Click to tweet: Congratulations to this year's #ACTChampions! These individuals are making exemplary contributions in support of #college and #career readiness in their communities:  
  • Share on LinkedIn: Congratulations to the 2018 ACT Champions! Learn what it takes to be one of these exemplary individuals and take a look at the list of champions from all 50 states and the District of Columbia:

ACT CollegeReady

  • Click to tweet: AVAILABLE NOW: #ACTCollegeReady is a student success tool that empowers learners to gain real-time feedback about what they know, what they need to review, and what they need to learn to become #collegeready. Learn more: 
  • Click to tweet: It's time to rethink the traditional approach to placement & remediation. #ACTCollegeReady identifies student knowledge & skill gaps & creates a personalized learning path for them to address individual academic needs. Learn more:
  • Share on LinkedIn: Nearly half of incoming freshmen are not ready for college-level coursework in math or English. A new student success tool called ACTCollegeReady—available to colleges starting today—provides personalized readiness support to students and prepares them for success in college-level programs by building foundational skills to avoid costly remediation. Learn more:

SEL in Action: 5 Lessons from Stratford School

  • Click to tweet: Here are some good lessons to learn from when developing #SEL programming, courtesy of @JonathanEMartin for @ACT:
  • Share on LinkedIn: SEL programming requires an all-hands-on-deck approach to benefit all students. Learn how Stratford School aligned to the Aspen Institute’s five pillars of SEL programming during their implementation of ACT Tessera, and why it matters:

What are Community Colleges? Are they Vocational Schools?

  • Click to tweet: What is a #communitycollege? And why should we care about them? @walterbumphus speaks to the support these schools offer to millions of #students:
  • Share on LinkedIn: "The first choice for many students, community colleges have been the start of amazing things for millions of Americans." Walter Bumphus, ACT board member and president and CEO of AACC breaks down the definition of "community college" and why they're essential to supporting student success:

Digging Deeper into Educational Data

  • Click to tweet: What percentage of #teachers find #data useful? What is @ACT doing to make testing data timely and informative? Find answers to these questions in a new blog by @AngieMcData:
  • Share on LinkedIn: ACT is helping to make data more useful for educators, despite several known barriers to data use. SVP of Research, Angie McAllister, looks at why teachers may not perceive nationally normed data as useful, and what we can do about it in a new blog:

ACT Academy

  • Click to tweet: Students and parents: @ACT just launched a free, online learning tool and test practice program with materials developed by experts, to help students master their skills. More here:
  • Share on LinkedIn: ACT Academy is now available! Students can use this free online learning tool and test practice program to help them master the skills they need to improve their ACT scores and succeed in college and career. Details:

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