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To Our Customers: Thank you for helping people achieve success

This year, we’re celebrating. ACT is turning 60 years old this November.

As I reflect on this important milestone, I can’t help but think back to our origin story, and the people who helped propel this critical work forward.

This post is dedicated to all of our customers committed to helping people find success. From the early adopters of the ACT test, eager to help more students enter and succeed in college, to the current innovators who are now helping us bring new ways to support learning, measurement and navigation into the classroom of the future.

Ensuring students are adequately prepared to enter college and career is—and always has been—our mission as a nonprofit organization.

While our work is demanding, the weight of our mission is made lighter by the many allies and advocates who’ve helped us along the way.

In the process of looking back through the history books, I was struck by how a simple idea to improve college access became a disruptive force in our industry. We’re seeking to disrupt the industry again, with a new approach to educational measurement that improves learning, measurement and navigation through various life stages.

Why? A desire to make education work for everyone. Data-driven, student-centered approaches to improve educational outcomes.

In 1959, E.F. Lindquist and fellow ACT co-founder Ted McCarrel had the gumption to jump into unchartered territory, driven by research and propelled by the notion that everyone can achieve success. They took a bold step forward 60 years ago on a new approach to educational measurement.

Today, we’re continuing that commitment to our expertise in measurement and research, but we’re also excited to pursue a new path that marries measurement with learning and navigation, ensuring students are learning the skills they need to succeed, showing what they know, and using that knowledge to choose the education and career path that works for them.

Our work could not—and would not—continue without the trust and loyalty of our many customers, throughout the years.

Every day, we seek to earn the trust and confidence of our many customers and stakeholders, from students and parents, to counselors, teachers, administrators, and schools, districts, colleges and universities, employers, education officials and policymakers. These diverse customers often have a variety of needs, but we can all agree on the importance of a solid education to propel anyone, regardless of background, forward.

For this, we thank you. Your support over six decades has inspired, informed, and immeasurably advanced college and career readiness from 1959 to today. We exist to serve you, and we are excited to stand beside you for many more years, solving the educational problems of today and tomorrow.

Thank you for 60 years of helping people achieve education and workplace success!


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