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ACT Global Academy Provides A ‘Peek Behind the Curtain’ to International and Domestic Partners

Across the country and around the world, ACT is known for its assessment expertise and industry thought leadership.

Recently, we showcased our growing commitment to being a global organization with a new event, the inaugural ACT Global Academy for Measurement and Learning, providing our partners an opportunity to engage with subject matter experts, examine relevant research and explore cutting-edge science.

The array of global and workforce readiness education challenges provided a universal language of discussion among the 38 experts who joined us from 10 countries, representing ministries of education, the World Bank, international educators and business partners.

One of the 40 sessions took place at the University of Iowa, where the ACT test began, on the very day that the first test was administered 60 years ago. Hosted by College of Education Dean Dr. Dan Clay, the session engaged a faculty panel as well as a panel of international undergraduate and graduate students. The discussion centered on how to better prepare students from around the world to pursue an education in the US and how US higher education can better acclimate students from outside the country.

Mawi Asgedom, our opening keynote speaker, shared his inspirational journey from a Sudanese refugee camp to the doorstep of America’s educational system, where he ultimately graduated from Harvard University and earned the honor of providing the graduating class commencement speech. Mawi’s passion for learning led him to develop the leading social and emotional learning professional development and curriculum provider, Mawi Learning, which was acquired by ACT earlier this year.

In opening remarks, Mawi said, “One of the things that attracted me to ACT was the global nature of the organization. At the very highest level of leadership, this is truly a global leadership team which, I would say, is fairly unique among many education companies in the United States to have this level of global diversity.”

While many of ACT’s international relationships are based on the college readiness test, our event enabled us to engage our international guests on topics related to ACT’s newer areas of learning and navigation, with discussions about artificial intelligence, open educational resources, using data to help students navigate their education and career paths, social and emotional learning, and the ACT Holistic Framework, which provides a holistic and integrated picture of education and work readiness from kindergarten to career. 

It can be difficult to dedicate time to building and enriching relationships with so many individuals half a world away. But we cannot solve the educational problems of the day alone. 

Opportunities like the Global Academy provide a new forum to collaborate and gain perspectives that universally improve education and help the next generation of learners and workers. 

While many people may only know ACT for our college admissions test, our doors are open for global business collaboration and consultation. We’re here to help the world fulfill our mission of achieving education and workplace success.

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