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44 reasons why we’re all in for school counselors

School counselors wear many hats. They play many roles. They’re sometimes the only someone a student has. And for all they do, we’re grateful. Many of us wouldn’t be where we are today without them. 

Happy National School Counseling Week to the friendly faces, the college and career guides, the shoulders to cry on, the motivators when you need a nudge, and the literal lifesavers looking out for our mental health. We’re all in for you.

Here are 44 reasons why we’re all in for school counselors.

Watch CEO Janet Godwin share her congratulations to the winner and finalists of the National School Counselor of the Year award, as part of the American School Counselor Association’s (ASCA) National School Counseling Week gala earlier this week.

ACT team members, ACT State Organizations members, teachers, and counselors themselves, share their stories in celebration of National School Counseling Week.


Now more than ever, students need support to process their world, understand future opportunity, and how to be successful on their learning journey!

- Christina Gordon, ACT team member


My favorite school counselor made a difference in my life by believing in me, seeing my vision, and supporting me one hundred percent without bias. He also provided me with actionable steps to help me accomplish my goals that I set, he held me accountable and provided regular check-ins to ensure I was on the path I set for myself. My favorite line he would tell us was, "you are all warriors, destined for greatness." He reminded me that I was never too young to begin building my legacy. It was truly his words and his belief in me that made me know I wanted to serve youth and families as well. It was also his strong belief in me as a first-generation college bound student and his commitment to my success, that helped me finish my college degree program. I often am reminded of him when I mentor other first-generation college bound students and still use his quote to help them know, they are powerful, they are strong, and they will succeed with hard work and determination.

- Andrea Glenn, Arizona Department of Education, ACT State Organizations member

Watch this video with more stories about students’ favorite counselors and what the counseling profession means to them.


I love being a School Counselor. I know that I am positively impacting the lives of my 7th and 8th grade students every day I talk with them in my office or over Zoom or when I collaborate with teachers to support students' needs. I work with families so that students experience school success and overall well-being. My students mean the world to me!

- Eileen Melody, Mansfield Middle School, ACT State Organizations member


We are ambassadors for post-secondary and higher education and outstanding leaders for social change. As a Counselor, it is my passion to promote life-long learning in the students I serve, and to encourage them to achieve the college and career readiness goals, competencies, and specialized skills they wish to pursue.

- Dr. Sheryl Neely, Atlanta Public Schools, ACT State Organizations member


The school counselor is the primary adult in each school to advocate for the needs of all students. They are the advocates of social justice and comprehensive school counseling programs that address the behavioral health (SEL, Mental Health) needs of all students.

They provide targeted support to marginalized students in our buildings.

They support students in career and college readiness.

I know school counselors make a difference in the lives of students every day!

- Marrius Pettiford, Ph.D, Wake County Public School System, ACT State Council Member, North Carolina


School counselors can provide a guiding light and sense of normalcy amid the chaos students are currently experiencing.

-Lisa King, ACT team member (ACAC)

We asked advocates why they’re all in for school counseling. Watch the video below to read their responses.


School counselors ensure all students have an opportunity to fulfil the requirements for a high school diploma, explore career interests, and navigate the higher education admissions process. In addition, they often assist the districts they serve with scheduling events, completing school testing requirements, and connecting families with needed community resources and services. School counselors are true servant leaders! Thank you.

- Donna Foster, Piedmont Technical College, ACT State Organizations member


School counseling is the best profession in the world! We get the opportunity to watch students grow, develop, graduate, and pursue their dreams!

- Claire Threatt, Choctaw Central High School


I’m all in for school counseling because counselors help to activate students’ dreams, care for students in need, and open doors for each student to achieve future success.

-Tina Gridiron, ACT team member


The teachers and coaches in my life shaped who I am and my future in many facets. It was their unwavering support, wisdom, and tough love that guided me to education. After ten years of teaching and coaching, I found that I could not always help students as they needed. I went back to school for my M. Ed in School Counseling. I find this path to be incredibly rewarding. We are fortunate to network with graduates, who come back to share with students, how his/her educational experiences shaped their future. It is often then that we learn our work as counselors, can truly make a difference!

- Heather Schieno, Trinity High School, ACT State Organizations member




I serve as a proud professional school counselor striving to build capacity as an agent of change by lending my voice to promote the profession of school counseling. I am fervent in my quest to empower the students that I work with and provide best practices and keen insight to affect positive change as they navigate these unique times we are currently living in.

- Kim Jackson-Allen, Savannah-Chatham County Public School System, ACT State Organizations member


I’m all in for school counseling because counselors help students identify and navigate resources that open doors to opportunity and their futures.

-Curt Yedlik, ACT team member


School counselors are instrumental in ensuring students have the knowledge, attitude and skills to succeed in college, career and life. Through partnership with other educators and families of students, counselors advocate to ensure that every student has the tools to navigate school and take their next steps into college or the workforce.

- Brianna Vander Vorst, Brownell Talbot College Preparatory School, ACT State Organizations member


For Rachelle Vidal, Jorge Pla-Redondo, and Eric Sagert, counselors on the FAFSA completion team:

OPS South HS FAFSA Completion team, Go Above and Beyond for their senior students to get them motivated and Ready for College. They host multiple opportunities for FAFSA Completion. These extra efforts make a difference in their learning environment. Also, they have an open door policy for students to get help with any issues they may encounter emotionally, for college prep, military route, or the work force. Kudos to the FAFSA Completion TEAM!


I am grateful for my Memorial High School guidance counselor Maria Miranda in West New York, NJ for my college planning experience. As fellow Cuban-Americans, she and my mother would talk during my mom’s lunch breaks in attempt to convince her only child to not go too far from home. In doing so, Ms. Miranda was successful in convincing me to go to Rutgers University and absolutely no regrets. In retrospect, I see the power that Ms. Miranda in partnership with my mother, had in influencing my decision in where I went to school. It takes more than just a persistent mother or a guidance counselor, but a partnership between the school, the home and the student’s vision for their future. Especially in low income and resource limited communities where I grew up where all I had was Ms. Miranda and my mother, with no family history of anyone going to college in the U.S. or any college going social capital. I am grateful for the care, influence and persistence of my school counselor---had she not, I wonder where I’d be today.

-Jonell Sanchez, ACT team member 


Counselors: For what you do, today and every day, we thank you!

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