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Congratulations to June National ACT Test-Takers: A Recap and What’s Next

Congratulations to the students who tested this weekend as part of ACT’s June national test date! Here’s what you can plan for next, now that testing is a wrap.

According to our registration data, approximately 215,000 students planned to sit for the test this past weekend. Of those students, nearly 10% registered to take the test with a fee waiver. This is our most up-to-date estimate of students tested. We report out official numbers of ACT test-takers annually by graduating class.

To-date, we have administered nearly 2.3 million tests since June 2020, as part of national test events and through state and district testing.


There were a handful of cases where students showed up to a test center that had closed, or a proctor was unavailable, or materials had not made it to the test center in time for testing. Unfortunately, these things happen sometimes, due to the sheer volume and scale of in-person testing. In these cases, we are rescheduling students for a special makeup test date in the coming weeks and have sent out specific communication to affected students and their parents.

As a sign of better times ahead, we’re happy to report that there were no day-of-test cancellations or reschedules due to COVID-19 outbreaks.


Now that you’ve tested, we know your next logical question: When will my scores be available?
  • Multiple choice scores are normally available two weeks after each national test date, but it can sometimes take up to eight weeks.
  • Writing scores are normally available about two weeks after your multiple-choice scores.
The reporting timeframe for this test date is June 22 - August 6, meaning scores will begin to post to MyACT accounts on June 22. You can learn more about scores (and how to understand them) on our dedicated scores page.


Students have one more opportunity this school year to sit for a national test. Check out the dates and deadlines below to stay on top of your schedule.

Registration for fall 2021-2022 test dates opens mid-July. Sign up here to receive an email reminder to register for an upcoming test date (note: you can also select to receive an email when registration opens for the fall).


For the second time this year (and the second time in ACT history) we opened our headquarters in Iowa City, IA as a national test center. Many thanks to our team members who staffed the event and made testing possible for students in our local area!


ACT recently announced that automatic superscoring is now available to students who wish to send their scores to colleges and institutions. Learn more about the new test option and how it can help you stand out here.

Upcoming Events

ACT is hosting a free virtual event this fall to answer questions from students and parents about planning for and transitioning to college and career. Sign up to receive more information as details develop.

Have a healthy and safe summer, students!