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Building People for Success

Neil Reddy.
Neil Reddy is co-founder and CEO of the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) — an industry-led, nonprofit training, assessment, and certification organization focuses on the core technical competencies needed by the nation’s frontline production and material handling workers.
Last October, we talked to Neil at ACT’s Workforce Summit in New Orleans. Listen in as he talks about the importance of:
  • a community-based approach to economic and workforce development;
  • focusing on skill development and its benefit to employers and individuals alike; and
  • aligning skills and competencies for both employer needs and student needs to build excellent career paths.

Learn more from Neil and others on a live webinar, Turning Digital Badges into Career Currency. Join us Feb. 15, for an enlightening discussion around:
  • the true value of stackable, quality credentials;
  • digital badges and why they are important to students;
  • the importance of building partnerships with your community and local employers; and
  • the value of digital badges beyond the workplace.
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