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Workplace Accessibility Helps Fill the Labor Shortage

Josh Christianson, project director at the Partnership on Inclusive Apprenticeship, was at the ACT Workforce Summit last year where he discussed the importance of accessibility in today’s workplace. Employers who moved to remote work opportunities, or teleworking, during the pandemic demonstrated the capabilities and flexibility technology offers people with disabilities to work remotely on a regular basis. Christianson touches on this and on digital accessibility and why it’s important for employers to provide accessible platforms for employees, especially as our economy faces worker shortages.

He also addresses the importance of apprenticeships and how they can help more people, including people with disabilities, join the workforce.

Watch the video to hear more from him about:
  • The challenges employers face today in filling their skilled labor needs.
  • The equity, access, and opportunity challenges people in the disability community face and why employers should address accessibility in their workplaces.
  • Registered apprenticeships and how they help people learn the skills employers need today.
  • Accessibility and how important it is for companies to build accessibility into their cultures.

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