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Mentorship Is Key in the Workforce

Josh Duplantis
Josh Duplantis, Ph.D., dean of workforce and economic development at Coastal Alabama Community College in Bay Minette, Alabama, joined ACT at the ACT Workforce Summit last fall to talk workforce and workforce preparation. He shared information about what groups of people need immediate workplace support — all of them! — and expanded by discussing the importance of mentorship.

“If there’s one thing that we see that makes or breaks a program, it’s mentorship. And no matter what demographic group their coming into employment with, are they going to receive mentorship, do they feel like they belong at that job? I think that old saying, ‘people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’ is probably truer today, especially from a workforce perspective, than it’s ever been before.” 

Josh also speaks to how important micro-credentialing in the stackable model are in building learner confidence, especially for transitional workers who have been “on the sidelines” and not as involved in the workforce or for workers who live in rural communities. He goes on to say, “We find if we can get that person a certificate, that first credential that’s in a long line of things they need to do to be more successful — more important than the credential itself to us is the confidence that it can build so we can get that person to believing that workforce participation is the right path for them to move on.”

Learn more by watching Josh’s interview. 

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