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MyACT is Open: Here’s What You Should Know

Updated 8/21/2020

MyACT, our registration site for students, officially reopened Monday, August 3 at 10 a.m. CT. You can find a list of all upcoming national test dates—including our three new national test dates for the fall—here.

We’ve been listening and working to address your unique situations related to the ACT test registration experience. We’re here to help you navigate your path forward!

Below is list of common topics you’ve been asking about, and how we’re addressing them.

ACT Customer Support

We know you have questions about MyACT, your test registration, and scores, and we are working as quickly as we can to address each unique case. Please know that we are experiencing record phone and email volumes and are in the process of securing more customer support to help with this influx. Please be patient with us and know that we are listening and actively responding to your inquiries.

Prioritizing Seniors

The senior class of 2021 is most in need of an ACT score, especially as spring and summer testing events were cancelled or closed due to COVID-19. We’re making every attempt to help seniors in need of a score and ask underclassmen to be a buddy to seniors and consider registering for December or spring 2021 test dates.

To the best of our ability, class of 2020 and 2021 students who had their April, June, and/or July test date cancelled have been placed in seats at sites that are currently open.

Some students in this category could not be automatically registered for a few reasons, including
  • If you requested a refund from April, June or July, your registration record was removed from our system so we were unable to automatically register you, as we migrated to a new registration site after the July 18 test date.
  • If we couldn’t place you in a seat that was within 350 miles of your home address, we did not. Note: We are continuing to increase testing space for fall test dates and waiting to hear back from test center coordinators to add seats to MyACT. We encourage students to check back in MyACT as seats will continue to be added.
  • If there were technical issues with your account information, like duplicate email addresses for multiple accounts.
Please note: From a technological standpoint, we could not prioritize registration or our queuing system for seniors so they could register ahead of other classes. We sincerely wish we could have.

Test Center Location Mismatch

Due to a data mapping error encountered in our new MyACT system, some students experienced a situation where the test center listed on their admissions ticket was different than their selected test center. We’re working to fix all instances of this mismatch to ensure that all registrations are reserved in the intended test center. Once this is fixed, students can find their assigned test location by logging into MyACT. We’ll also follow up by email to affected students.

Note: We have pulled the mismatched test sites from MyACT so this cannot occur for other students.

July Scores

Students looking to access their scores from the July 18 national test date will be able to view scores as they begin to be released starting August 5. While most scores are available within 2-3 weeks of the test date, some scores can take longer to become available. If you received an email saying your July scores are available but you don’t see them in your account, you may have accidentally created a new account in MyACT instead of migrating your old one. See below for info on how to migrate your old account and what to do if you chose the wrong path. If you migrated your account correctly and still can’t see your scores, you may be part of a group of students who received an email about their scores being ready to view, but the scores have not been loaded into MyACT. We are in the process of loading those scores and they will be available in MyACT on the next score release date, which is Wednesday, August 12. Please note, there are no issues with your scores.

Authentication Issues

Some students have encountered issues in authenticating their accounts when creating or migrating their MyACT account.

If you have selected to verify your account via email, please first check your “junk” or “spam” email folder. If you do not see the verification email in either folder, please confirm your email is correct and resend the validation.

If you selected to verify via SMS message and you do not receive a message, please select to email the verification as an alternative.

If you were in the process of verifying your account on Monday, July 27 prior to the MyACT system being pulled down for maintenance, you can resend an email verification using the link in your original email. If the SMS message verification was selected that day, please contact us for agent assistance in verifying your account.

Account Migration Issues

Some customers have experienced issues in migrating or creating accounts in our new MyACT system. We have found the most common root cause of this issue to be the selection of alternate user paths. In order to streamline migration, three user paths are available:

If you had previously logged in to our Student Web Services portal, please select “I have a student web account and need to update to MyACT.”

Watch this video for help.

If you took an ACT test through a state or district testing program and have a score but have not logged in to an ACT system previously, please select “I have scores from an ACT test, but don’t yet have an account.”

If you are brand new to ACT, please select “I have not taken the ACT before and am creating an account for the first time.”

Watch this video for help.

Additional information on getting started with your MyACT account can be found here:

If you have already created a MyACT account and your previous account information does not appear after login, it is possible a new account was created in error or there was an error in migration. If you do experience this issue, please contact us for agent assistance in merging accounts.

Generic Password Reset

We are aware that some students have been experiencing issues with resetting the password for their MyACT account, specifically those who have recently changed their email or mobile phone associated with their MyACT account.

We have resolved this issue as of 8/21. Now that we have, we are asking that you try the below steps one more time. These steps should solve your problem:
  1. Go to and click the forgot password link above the password field on the sign in screen.
  2. In the forgot password popup please put the email address associated with your account as the email address and click the reset password button. A password reset code will be sent to your email or mobile phone.
  3. Input the code and a new password into the password reset screen that appears on MyACT.
  4. After resetting the password you will be redirected to the MyACT sign in page.
  5. Enter in the same email with your new password.
  6. Now you should be logged into your MyACT account, and you should be able to access your data.
If you have taken these steps, and still cannot view your scores, please see our Contact Us page for the best way to get assistance.

Credit Card Form Issues

Some customers encountered an error in submitting credit card information during the checkout process. This issue has been resolved and we have not seen any new reports of customers encountering this issue. If you continue to experience credit card issues, please clear your browser cache or attempt to checkout in an incognito window.

Connectivity/Network Issues

Some customers encountered our site maintenance page stating the site was down for maintenance after we had re-opened MyACT for registration. This was a result of internet service providers caching, or saving, a version of the page to speed up user experience. This issue has been resolved. If you continue to run into this issue, please clear your browser cache or load the site in an incognito window.

Vouchers/Fee Waivers/Credits Not Appearing in MyACT Account

Some customers have experienced issues in rescheduling tests from previous test registrations using an ACT Fee Waiver or a voucher. This issue is resolved through one of two user paths:

If you were able to successfully migrate your account into MyACT, you will see previous registrations on your record. Upon entering that previous registration record, you may select to complete a Test Date Change. This change of test date to a fall test administration is free for you.

If you were not able to successfully migrate your account to MyACT and created a new account in the system, you will not see any previous registrations. If this is the case, please contact us for agent assistance in merging accounts. If you are unable to contact ACT Customer Care prior to requiring a registration, you may register following the standard user process and request a refund at a later date.