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ACT’s Vision for the Future

Janet Godwin, CEO, ACT
By: Janet Godwin, CEO, ACT

In July, I had the privilege of attending ACT’s Enrollment Management Summit (EMS), an annual gathering of admissions and enrollment professionals, to learn and network about the pressing issues facing higher education today. It’s one of my favorite times of year, when I get to hear from and learn alongside some of the smartest people in the business.

This year’s EMS was particularly exciting for me, as it was the first opportunity I’ve had to share the ambitious work we’ve done to reimagine ACT’s vision and strategic direction for the future. At ACT and Encoura, we’ve weathered the pandemic. We’ve reckoned with the implications of test optional. And we’ve explored the needs of the education and workforce systems, and we’ve emerged with a renewed focus directed toward the students we all serve.

Our strategic, long-term vision sets a bold course. By 2032, ACT will empower 20.2 million more learners to exit high school ready for postsecondary and work opportunities. This ambitious vision requires that ACT concentrate our work around five strategic pillars.

Build. ACT is building best-in-class, responsive assessments and delivery platforms that will position ACT and our stakeholders to have significant impact on our education and workforce ecosystem.

Inform. ACT is shifting from data provider to insights ally for learners and organizations. Holistic analytics and insight reporting will empower better decisions and create opportunities for success.

Connect. ACT is amplifying learners’ connections and access to compelling postsecondary and work opportunities. In collaboration with Encoura, ACT is enhancing and aligning the ACT test to reflect redefined readiness, bringing new products to market to meet unmet needs, and providing more value to learners, families, and educators.

Mobilize. ACT is redefining readiness to capture the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and navigation that matter now in both postsecondary and career pursuits. We are strengthening ACT’s thought leadership to marshal support for redefined readiness nationwide.

Partner. ACT will accelerate the adoption and use of our robust suite of solutions for the K-12, postsecondary, and workforce systems. We are collaborating with key stakeholders to ensure continued product innovation.

ACT will renew and deepen its commitment to equity, access, and opportunity for all as it realizes these strategic pillars. Changing demographics demand that colleges and employers seek and engage a population that is increasingly diverse and mostly from low-income households. Our vision and aligned work will create solutions for a world of evolving opportunities and provide more support for learners to chart pathways toward greater mobility and economic prosperity.

We’ve got our work cut out for us. But by moving forward with a laser focus, we will make it happen. And I want you to be part of it alongside ACT. We want to hear from you, work with you, transform with you. I’m counting on you – and so are the 20 million students we are ready to serve!