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Employers Need Trainable Employees

Robbin Bass, former director, Business Retention and Expansion, Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce
Last fall, at the ACT Workforce Summit, Robbin Bass, former director, business retention and expansion at Texarkana USA Chamber of Commerce, shared her community’s top workforce challenges. She also gave us the scoop on how the ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) has helped organizations develop more inclusive and equitable hiring practices.
“Employers are looking for employees that are trainable, that have some foundational skills,” she said. “They can do on-the-job training at most of our manufacturing sites. But, if [employers] don’t have the ability to see the foundational skills that students have, then it’s a little harder for them to hire.”

Robbin also detailed the workforce innovations that could help companies be successful in the next five years, noting that the ability to track the students that didn’t enter the workforce or college once they left high school would be helpful. That information would help employers potentially recruit those students for the manufacturing facilities in their community.

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